Circumcision and Penile Cancer

The benefits of circumcision extend beyond the aesthetic outcome and the hygienic advantages. To review, we know that circumcision allows for better hygiene care, as it is easier to clean once the foreskin is pulled back. We also know that there is strong evidence linking circumcision to a reduced risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Furthermore, there is the added advantage that circumcision may also reduce the risk of penile cancer.

Researchers have determined that phimosis, a condition in which tight foreskin can’t be pulled back over the head of the penis, is one of the strongest risk factors for penile cancer. Phimosis can lead to an accumulation of smegma and recurrent inflammations, which can subsequently lead to an increased risk of penile cancer. The good news is that phimosis can be eliminated via circumcision. The bottom line is that, “the data suggests that circumcision is protective against invasive penile cancer.” To learn more about the connection between circumcision and penile cancer, click here.

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