Corrective Procedures

Corrective Procedures

Effective and efficient corrective circumcision Procedures

Corrective Procedures

Corrective Procedures for Circumcisions

Our team fields phone calls from patients who were circumcised elsewhere with complications. The most common cause for a correction is when the original circumcision did not remove enough foreskin or if the foreskin was removed unevenly. When this occurs there is a risk of the extra skin fusing to the glans, which can lead to aesthetic and potential medical issues. If you think you may be in need a corrective procedure, we’re happy to help you.

  • Specialized Expertise: Our dedicated team is proficient in addressing complications from previous circumcisions, ensuring you receive the best care possible..
  • Common Concerns Addressed: We routinely handle cases where insufficient or uneven foreskin removal occurred, offering tailored solutions for each individual..
  • Preventative Care: The risk of extra skin fusing to the glans can lead to both aesthetic and medical challenges. Our corrective procedures aim to prevent these issues and enhance overall well-being..

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